Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tulip Bag

Here is my newest creation, the Tulip Bag! I used the Simplicity fabric line by 3 Sisters for Moda. The bag is 14" high, and is lined, with lots of pockets inside. I'm going to use mine as a purse, but it is big enough to use for a tote if you prefer. The front also has a large pocket perfect for your keys, so they don’t get lost inside.

There’s a Bag-E-Bottoms acrylic base (size D) in the bottom, so it sits flat and doesn’t tip over. (If you don’t know about Bag-E-Bottoms’ great products, visit I use them in all my fabric bags, and they are fabulous!

The Tulip Bag pattern will also include directions for the little cell phone carrier, which can loop around the purse strap (there’s Velcro under the button on the front, so it’s easy to attach and detach it).

The pattern will be available on my website,, by the end of March.

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  1. Lovely - glorious swoops that lift the spirits! The quilting really complements the fabric.


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