Saturday, July 5, 2008

Salt sprinkles

This is a page in the sketchbook I am working in for my Studio Journals class. This week we are working with color, and one of the things the instructor suggested we try was doing a water color wash on paper, then sprinkling it with salt. It makes the most wonderful texture. After it was dry, I wiped the salt off and went back in to do some detail work with colored pencils.

Here's a detail shot:

I am going to be dyeing fabric next week, so I am going to try this technique out on fabric. It would be fun to embroider details on top of fabric if I could get it to look like this.


  1. Your journal is turning out great! Don't we have fun?

  2. SO enjoying your blogposts... My computer crashed and I may have (permanently) lost EVERYTHING on it, and have no back ups, so have been scrambling.... I'm on the ancient desktop now and don't have your e-mail addy on it, so haven't been able to write.... besides being distracted with kids in summer and sick about the hard drive suicide.....

    Tell your daughter her blog is wonderful... I thought she was at *least* several years older than she is based on the quality of her writing! Good on her! That's another loss... all my bloglinks... SOB!

    Off to make tea...woke up early stewing about stuff this morning. At least everyone else is still asleep....yeah!

    As for juggling and balls, I'd catch once, the others would splatter all over the floor going all directions, and I'd be on my hands and knees scrambling to retrieve them.... sigh....

    Cheers, Sarah


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