Thursday, October 9, 2008

Denyse Schmidt raffles one of her quilts for Obama campaign

"Yes We Can Quilt" by Denyse Schmidt

Denyse Schmidt, quilt designer, fabric designer and author, has designed and stitched an original design that is being raffled off to raise funds for the Obama presidential campaign. If you make a $10 donation, you get one chance to win; if you donate $20, you get two chances, and so on. You can purchase chances to win on Obama's website if you make a donation between now and midnight on election day, Nov. 4.

I’ve long admired Schmidt’s contemporary designs and clean style. This quilt is a good example. The quilt fundraiser page on Obama’s site notes, “Long before women had the vote, they created quilts with political and commemorative themes. We are proud to participate in this honorable tradition.”

The 50" x 52" quilt is 100% cotton, hand appliquéd and machine quilted.

NOTE: The day after I wrote this post, a woman who reads my blog regularly wrote to tell me that she was “dismayed to see a message with a partisan political theme.” I really appreciated her writing with her opinion. She said that she enjoyed reading quilting blogs as a "safe place" away from the political fray, and I can understand what she means. Sometimes we all need to just get away from the craziness surrounding the election and our dire economic situation. But I meant this post to be informative, and not partisan or divisive. If I heard about a well-known quilt designer doing a quilt for the McCain campaign, I would post about it as well. (Let me know if you have and I'll write about it.) This is simply interesting quilting news, and I try to include interesting quilting news on this blog. Let me know what you think.


  1. I think you can post whatever you want on your blog, politcal or not. Nobody is holding anybodys hand to the fire making them read this blog or any other.

  2. I believe that you have freedom of speech for whatever topic that you choose to discuss or blog about. I have made Fabric Mosaic pieces for both Obama and McCain for "Patchwork Politics" that will be displayed in the International Quilt Festival in Houston on October 30th - November 2. Here is my link, if you want to see them. I will get a raffle ticket!

  3. I too looked for a McCain quilt to balance out a blog post I am working on about it, but came up short.

    I have been a long time Denyse Schmidt fan, and when she does something bold like this it is flat out news worth sharing. Thank you for deciding to post about it.


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