Monday, June 1, 2009

Her “Heart’s Desire”

A woman named Charlotte Soutullo (left) came to the Lake Norman Quilters meeting last week with this quilt she just finished … it is my “Heart’s Desire” design! How fun to see it and to meet her. She made it through a block-of-the-month program at Rene’s Quilt Shop in Mooresville NC, using hand-dyed fabrics for all the appliqué. That’s my friend Nancy Taylor, on the right, helping her hold it up.


  1. Hi Susan
    I haven't read your blog for awhile and I had some catching up to do. You have been busy!! I am happy for you that you are getting lots of exposure for your patterns. Hope they all selll well. I love all your work.

  2. Hmmmm....I thought this looked familiar. A very lovely quilt.

  3. An architect friend once said, "The first time you drive by something you designed it is the most wonderful feeling and every time after that." It must be like that with designing such a wonderful quilt and seeing what others make of it.

  4. Hi Susan, great blog!

    Hey Charlotte! Awesome quilt! Can I borrow it for my quilt show next year? ... haha, just kidding!

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