Monday, June 28, 2010

A bluebird block

This is a block I designed to teach a needleturn appliqué workshop for my hometown guild, Lake Norman Quilters, on August 14. It is a big block (20" square); big enough that I could put borders on it and call it a wall hanging. But I’m thinking about doing other blocks with birds and words and putting them together in a bigger quilt. 

If so, what birds – and words — should I use?


  1. strength, song, peace of course=)
    and courage

  2. When I think of birds and words I think of "joy" with Cardinals seen in the winter branches. And I think of "cheer" with the bright yellow gold-finches on the feeder in the summer (they are such happy little birds).

  3. A swan for grace or calm.
    An owl for silence.

  4. I think of Chickadee and Song; Catbird and Mimic; Hummingbird and Flight; Dove and Peace; Eagle and Noble. I will have to keep thinking.....I absolutely love your block and can't wait to see more!

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  5. I love that block, it is beautiful.
    I made one and have a space above it and was thinking of putting a word in mine, but was unsure what to put. Need to finish it, so will have to come up with something that fits.

    I think words that fit the bird species would be a nice way to do them.


  6. Sure wish I could be in that class coming to Ontario soon??
    Love the new block, mother (nature)
    I myself would use pride, survivor, justice, wishful..but these words may be to long..

  7. Wrens are always so cute. It makes me happy to see them.

  8. Stunning block. The applique is lovely.

  9. This is going to be about "cheery" or "cheer" for the robin, and maybe "mindful" for the sparrow, as in "His eye is on the sparrow," and "perky" for the chickadee. And you might need a hummingbird, too.....maybe "zeal." How about "pride" and a peacock? And you should have a bluejay, but all I can think of is "cocky" and that might not do.

  10. I'm such a dork- somehow I lost track of your blog and haven't checked it in way too long. The good news following that, though, is that I have a lot of fun stuff to peruse while I drink my coffee this morning. :D

  11. Beautiful block. Hope, I would add "Joy, Love and Free". Who could ask for anything more than that?

  12. blue bird - happiness
    goldfinch - flight or roller coaster
    tufted titmouse - peachy
    mourning dove - love
    rufous-sided towhee - drink your tea
    blue-gray gnat-catcher - Spring
    red wing blackbird - joy
    What a fun idea. Love the piece.


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