Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tyvek Explorations class

Starting Oct. 1, I'll be teaching my Tyvek Explorations class on Joggles. com. In four lessons, I will cover working safely with Tyvek; painting Tyvek; melting it with an iron and/or heat gun; manipulating Tyvek before heating to change the effects; making beads; and embossing Tyvek with rubber stamps.

The focus is on exploring the many ways this versatile material can be manipulated to create beautiful textural embellishments. You will be encouraged to experiment and share your work with fellow students in the class. You will need to be a confident free-motion quilter to complete the maple leaf quilt; the other projects involve only simple embroidery and beading.

After you learn the techniques in the first two lessons, I’ll provide detailed instructions for making this small art quilt with Tyvek maple leaves:

… as well as a bracelet, pins, and small Tyvek embellishments for art quilts, artists trading cards and postcards. 

If you have never taken an online class, you can read more about it on Joggles by clicking here. Basically, here’s how it works: You sign up and pay online, and about a week before class starts, you receive the supply list via e-mail. When the class starts, Joggles e-mails you information about how to get into the class forum, an online place where you can post photos, ask questions, share your work and get feedback from the instructor. Each week of the class, you receive a link where you can download a PDF of that week’s lesson. 

Tyvek Explorations is a four-week class; the cost is $40.


  1. Awesome Susan! I love the look of this stuff.

    Quick question - I won't be able to make the first class. Can I still join and get the information even if I can't log in the first day?

    I figure I might not be the only one wondering that! I hope I can still join in and learn loads about Tyvek.


    Leah Day

  2. Great, Leah! No, it does not matter at all if you can't join in right at the beginning. You can download the PDF lessons that you get each week (Oct. 1, 8, 15, 22) during the duration of the class, and you can work at your own pace.

    Some people don't participate in the forums at all, but just collect the PDFs and do it some other time. But the forums are great, and you end up learning a lot from your fellow students if you participate.

    Hope that answers your question, but if not, write back!

  3. Gorgeous maple leaf quilt. Are the instructions still available? Are you still teaching this class?

    1. I teach the November Leaves piece as a class (to guilds at quilting conferences), but not online.

  4. Hello Susan , I have just found this post and am very interested in learning more about Tyvek, Is it possible to log into the class at this stage as it is an online class i thought it may be able to start anytime, as they do on Craftsy for example. I am in New Zealand, I love the look of your work, Thanks so much Jacqui Hale.

    1. Sorry; Joggles no longer offers this class. I may make it into my own online class, or do a booklet on it in the next year or so. Stay posted!


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