Thursday, September 23, 2010

My second DVD will arrive in October!

I am thrilled to announce that my second Quilting Arts Workshop DVD will be released next month! This 70-75 minute DVD is called “Master Machine Stitching: Thread Sketching Beyond the Basics” and it follows up on the techniques I introduced in my first DVD, “Master Machine Quilting: Free Motion Stitching and Thread Sketching.”

Here’s more information from the blurb on the back of the DVD jacket:
Following up on the concepts introduced in her first DVD,
“Master Machine Quilting: Free-Motion Stitching and
Thread Sketching,” Quilting Arts columnist Susan Brubaker
Knapp delves even deeper, teaching you how to add color,
dimension, texture, pattern, line, and movement to your
quilts using thread. After a quick overview of the basic
materials you’ll need, as well as some helpful tools to make
things easier, Susan breaks down each of the six topics (from
color to movement) and provides step-by-step machine
stitching demos. She shows numerous samples that illustrate
the basic thread-sketching concepts being discussed. Prepare
to expand your view of the opportunities for using stitch on
your quilts.
Thanks so much to all of you who have purchased my first DVD. My oldest daughter has braces because of you! :-) 

Here I am on the set of Quilting Arts TV about three weeks ago. I was there to tape three segments for the TV show, and my DVD. All in one day! Whew; what a whirlwind! Quilting Arts managing editor Helen Gregory took most of these photos. (Thanks, Helen!)

Here are some other shots, some taken from the videotape, and some shot between the “chapters” of the DVD, on the set:

Here are some photos of the projects I used to demonstrate techniques on the new DVD. This one is called Prepared for Takeoff:

It is based on this original photo:

The second project I work on in this DVD started with this photo of a Cripps Pink apple:

I used the photo to create a very simple pattern, with only two colors for the apple:

On the DVD, I demonstrate how I got from the simple fused fabric piece above to this:

I can’t say enough kind words about all the folks at Quilting Arts and at Beachwood Studios for helping me make this DVD. In particular, I must say many thanks to the smart, sweet, kind and incredibly helpful Helen Gregory. 

The DVD will be available for purchase from Interweave/Quilting Arts website, and on my website, sometime in October. I’ll keep you posted. I’m off to sip some champagne and celebrate!


  1. So excited Susan! I have your first DVD (well download actually) and will certainly purchase a download of this one as well! Absolutely literally can't wait! I actually did some thread sketching already, I'll post and link to you as soon as it's in a respectable state to photograph!

  2. Oh, good, Debbie! I will look forward to seeing what you did. Glad you found my first DVD helpful.

  3. Looking forward to the second. The first was great, and well done!

  4. Es maravilloso lo que conseguis hacer con el acolchado.
    Un beso.

  5. This promises to be wonderful. Thanks for the great preview and terrific photos. I can't wait to view the new DVD.

  6. Well, gee, thread painting has never really excited me, but that apple is awesome!!!

  7. Such a thrill...I am delighted for you!

  8. Beautiful pieces to display how to machine quilt.


  9. I will be eagerly awaiting this next DVD! I thought the first one was great. I got alot out of it. Glad to know your oldest daughter did too! :-)

  10. Thanks, Bee! It has a lot of information for people who have tried the technique but want to learn in more detail. I'm so glad you liked my first DVD.

  11. Susan - I have been a fan for a while. I enjoyed you on QA TV and I have your first DVD. I can hardly stand the wait for the second one. Your instruction is easy to follow and your work is beautiful. Continued good fortune

  12. Thank you so much, "Dreamer"! I hope the wait won't be long... I am eager to see it, too! I think they will have it available by Quilt Market, right at the end of the month.


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