Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 8: From Kruger to Capetown

Please note: the photos in this post are a bit fuzzy because of the program I used to upload my blog post from my iPad. You can click on each photo for a clearer view. 

Today we left Camp Shonga, drove to the main lodge, and then took a van to the airport. Before we left, I took a photo of Jennifer Keltner, executive editor of American Patchwork & Quilting magazine, in front of our accommodations at Camp Shonga. Jennifer was a fantastic roomie, and even helped me through a bad cold/fever, bringing me extra water, ice and fruit. (I skipped a full day of meals, but took every safari ride, so I didn't miss much.) Thanks, Jennifer!

Here are some photos I took at the main lodge, which had a nice collection of African crafts. Horn and ostrich egg wall sconce:

Cynthia England relaxes in the lobby:

In the van on the way to the airport, we spotted this giraffe crossing the road:

Crocodile bridge:

See the hippo?

Crossing on the one lane bridge:


Street scenes along the way:

The women were carrying amazing amounts of goods on their heads, and babies strapped to their backs:

These soccer balls were erected all over South Arica in honor of the 2010 World Cup:

Road construction. The smoke in the background is burning sugarcane. Before harvesting, the field is lit to chase off snakes -- including the poisonous Black Mamba that comes into the field to eat rodents that live there -- and burn up the leaves, leaving only the cane ready for harvest.

Beautiful rock formations on the way into Nelspruit:

Fields of sugar cane:



Baboons on the road! They come across to eat bananas in farmers' fields, then cross back over. "Do they get hit a lot?" I asked the driver. "No, almost never," he replied. "They are very clever. The sit like schoolboys at the side of the road, looking back and forth, back and forth, wait until the way is clear, and run across."

Flying into Cape Town, I took this photo. It is a stunning city that reminded me a bit of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Both have spectacular mountain-meets-harbor views.

Table Mountain, from the highway:

The soccer stadium:

Here are some shots of my accommodations, Protea Hotel/Victoria Junction:

They have very cool art made from travel/hotel items, like bed frames and suitcases:

Groovy 1970s pod chairs:

Here's Warren, Cynthia England's husband, showing the bartender how to make a proper Texas-style margarita:

We ate dinner at Kaprino's restaurant, a buffet style restaurant serving delicious middle eastern and South African dishes.

Tomorrow, we are off to Table Mountain and Robbens Island.


  1. Glad you guys are having a lovely time in South Africa, peope who have never been there don't realise what a fantastic destination it is ! People are treated very well, great food and hotels and friendly people...

  2. What a wonderful trip. Pat Sloan linked me to your blog. I saved off a copy of your pink feathers photo for possible colors in a future project. Enjoy your visit. Sandi

  3. What fantastic pictures and a great experience! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. What an amazing place, enjoying your photos and sharing the journey with you.


  5. I am totaly loving your travel log. Thanks for sharing...makes me want to go on safari now.

  6. I am totally enjoying your travel log! Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to go on safari now.!

  7. Oh the beautiful textures and colors....scenes...and the an amazing trip. I'm so glad you have had this opportunity.



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