Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fast and free ink drawings

I recently bought a new, fairly inexpensive fountain pen (by fountain pen standards, at least) that I love. It is a LAMY Safari fountain pen, and I first heard about it on Danny Gregory’s blog. I’ve been following Danny’s work for some time, and have always admired his line drawings, which are so spontaneous and free.

Reading Danny’s blog is like a little bite of dessert every morning. (I usually read in my jammies, since the posts pop up in my e-mailbox overnight). And I love the series of videos he’s been doing on different artists, like this amazing one on Hayley Morris, a stop-motion animator.

Tonight, I challenged myself to try drawing with the pen. My usual style is to do drawings in pencil, erasing and re-drawing if necessary, then carefully inking them in. This time I just picked up some 4x6" unlined index cards (not as much pressure as a sketchbook) and drew a few objects sitting on my desk. Fast and free. No erasers, no regrets.

My goal: work fast, have fun, stop striving for perfection and just get it down. 

 Hey, I like this! Maybe I’m on to something.


  1. I just read Danny Gregory's post on this ink pen and think I'm going to try the same thing! It's certainly working for you, that's for sure.

  2. I got some to use for calligraphy and made a mess, something that takes practice to get the feel of the nib on paper, but you did a wonderful job on your drawings.


  3. Deb: I really like this pen. Nice for writing and drawing. Let me know what you think about it if you get one.

    Debbie: I studied calligraphy in high school art class for a nine-week period, and I was only starting to be decent at the end of it! It is difficult.

  4. You're a true artist, for sure!

  5. Love the scissors one!!

    I say start a line of greeting cards! ;)

    Louise xx


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