Thursday, November 8, 2012

Texas Junk Co.

On my last full day of International Quilt Festival, I hitched a ride to Texas Junk Co. with some of the friendly folks who work behind the scenes at The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims. We were in search of cheap cowboy boots, and a little bit of Texas atmosphere. 

Texas Junk Co. looks like junk on the outside, but a charming, funky kind of junk. You can find it at 215 Welch Street in Houston. Look for this sign:

The outside of the store boasts:

And there’s lots of interesting and amusing stuff on the outside of the building: 

When you walk in the door (and there were people lined up for the store to open, to get first dibs on the boots!) this is what you see:

That, and a TON of boots. Yee-haw!

This is the owner (for more than 30 years), Robert:

I found a pair I liked!

 Randi tried on a fancy pair:

There’s lots of other cool stuff, including hundreds of vintage frames:

Cowboy hats:

Vintage albums:

You know you need this! (Well, not really, but isn’t it fun?)

Tennis anyone?

Robert stretches out a boot for a customer:

Mary Kay wore her cowboy hat back to International Quilt Festival, looking quite a bit more Texan than she was before shopping:

 Maybe she wanted to look more like Ricky!

Check out the slideshow featuring me and this trip on The Quilt Show’s blog!


  1. This makes me so homesick for Texas. Love those boots!

  2. this store looks amazing--i'd love to shop there--and the pictures are great!! the boots you picked out are really fun!

  3. Oks, so next time I am following YOU around! I MUST go to Texas Junk, absolutely. (and if I convince the two people I want to go to go, they will be in agreement!)
    I can't believe the number of quilts you shot that I missed!!i=2197792267&k=5JpSvm2 (password, IQF/12 )

  4. Next time, I am following YOU around! I MUST go to that store! Wow, the number of quilts I missed that you saw.... Thanks! Trish


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