Monday, October 6, 2008

A funny thing happened today…

I got a call from Patti, a woman in California who wanted to purchase my Polka Party pattern. She said she had seen it in a magazine in an ad for HandiQuilter. "What?" I said. "Where did you see it?" I wanted to make sure it was my pattern she wanted before I sent it to her. She told me what magazine (American Patchwork & Quilting) and what page (page 7 of the December issue) and I ran to my bedroom, dug through my magazines, and found it, flipped to page 7 and saw this:

Yes! It was one block from my my Polka Party pattern. That's it, to the lower left of the machine! Here's the front cover of the magazine:

Here's a photo of the small wallhanging I made for the "Polka Party" pattern:

And here's a photo of the larger king-sized quilt I made using the same block. I used up my scraps on the border (which is not part of the original Polka Party pattern). Sorry, this is not a great photo... this baby is so huge that it is hard to photograph!

Patti had liked the design so much that she had gone to the trouble of calling HandiQuilter and tracking me down. I was thrilled! Thanks, Patti!


  1. When I read your blog today, I recognized the cover of the magazine I have on my night table waiting to be read. Checking it out, there was your block! I have always loved this quilt (obviously someone else does too) and have a whole shelf in my stash devoted to polka-dots so that one day I can make it.

  2. That is so cheerful...a wonderful quilt! to have it published in the magazine must have been an 'over the moon' moment. How fun!


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