Thursday, November 6, 2008

My quilts... at Festival in Houston!

A sweet friend, Sarah Ann Smith, a fabulous art quilter from Camden Maine, just sent me these photos of my quilts hanging at the International Quilt Festival in Houston last week. So nice of her! It is very fun to see how they were hung, who their “neighbors” were. Thanks, Sarah!

Here’s my Journal quilt, “Running Deep,” in the photo below on the left. I can’t make out the artists’ names on the other pieces... if you are reading this and recognize them, write and let me know so I can give them proper credit! (Note: After posting this entry, I got a note from a blog reader who helped me identify the piece to the right of mine. It is by Susan Andrus of Towanda, Pa., and is called "Iris on the Rocks.”)

Here’s my piece “Harbinger’s Hope,” (the bluish one with the nest). To its right is “The Arb House” by Sue Holdaway-Heys of Ann Arbor, Michigan (behind the woman viewer’s head; you can see it better in the next photo), and then “Malian Peace Corps Story” by Charlene Bremer and Patricia Bremer Chell of Champaign, Illinois. I do not have credit information on the pieces to the left of mine.


  1. This might help you find out about a quilter whose work might be in your picture.

    If it doesn't post correctly, email me. Also, I'm signing in under my alternate sign in and with posting the link, it is too complicated to switch over.

  2. I'm so glad you like the pictures! It wasn't until I started getting into shows that I realized what I enjoyed most in photos sent by friends were the neighborhood shots!

    Sorry I don't have the info on the large quilts to the left of Harbinger's Hope..... the journal to the right is indeed Sue Andrus's....

    I was so happy to see HH, and hadn't realized the leaves and seed pods were 3-D...well done!

    Enjoy...and maybe next time we'll be able to BOTH go to Festival and meet up in person!

    Cheers and hugs, Sarah


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