Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Photo therapy

It’s been one of those weeks. I won’t burden you with the details; suffice it to say that it involves an auto mechanic who made a big mistake, a shop owner who isn’t trying very hard to make things right, and several other events that were emotionally draining.

When things seem overwhelming, it always helps me to do something creative. When I don’t have much time, but I need a fix, photography always fits the bill. I take my digital camera out into the garden or the yard, and focus my energy on finding small bits of beauty around me.

Here’s the lovely jewel I found today: my Nikko Blue hydrangea, which in the spring puts out gorgeous cornflower blue flowers, has managed to sprout a few small blooms before fall arrives in earnest. These blooms, however, are the most spectacular dusky lavender, eggplant and plum colors you can imagine. 

I am trying very hard to melt into those colors, to feel serene. 
“Let your soul
stand cool
and composed
a million
— Walt Whitman


  1. Aww, Hang in there! Next week will be better!

    Create something beautiful!

    Praying things will get better quick!

  2. Gorgeous photograph.

    Hope the car issues resolve themselves soon. We are having some also :)

  3. I hope they get it fixed, so you can get to market.
    Love the colors in your flower, I can see a future project there.


  4. Thanks, everyone. We finally got our car back (five days after they accidentally damaged it), and I stood my ground until they cut the bill to what I thought was reasonable (basically paying for the parts that were part of the original service, but none of the repairs that were their fault, and none of the labor). It is a relief to have this behind us. Meditating on the hydrangea helped keep my blood pressure down! :-)

  5. Yeah Susan about standing your ground! Glad that episode is over for you and that things turned in your favor. It's just too bad that people don't automatically do the right thing from the beginning!

  6. I think the fall hydrangeas are way more interesting than the early summer hydrangeas. Absolutely therapeutic for those kinds of weeks.

  7. The hydrangea is stunning. I hope it lifted your spirits.


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