Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bald Head Island

I just returned from Bald Head Island, at the southern tip of North Carolina. This island is blessedly slim on commercial buildings, and development is tightly controlled. The emphasis is on preserving nature, on the beaches (a prime nesting spot for Loggerhead sea turtles), the marsh and the maritime forest.

As always, I found many intriguing textures and color juxtapositions. I have always thought that I am drawn mostly to color, but I am starting to think that it is textures that interest me more. Perhaps it is rich colors combined with texture that I like best. Am I ignoring other design basics (line, movement, shape) that I need to work on?

I also think that taking photos makes me a better artist. Looking through the camera lens teaches me how to see better, makes me pay more attention to composition.