Monday, September 19, 2011

Psychedelic Peacock, Part 2

I spent all day today (a good 8 hours) working on Psychedelic Peacock, and I am liking how he looks. The photo above shows the top portion of what will be a 48" square piece. I will add a lot more detail on the face and beak when I thread sketch this piece. Right now, he looks pretty flat, but he definitely has that look in his eye that says, “Watch out!” The same look he had before he chased me off the lawn!

The colors really pop against the black background, don't they? Tomorrow I will take on all the “spines” of the individual feathers, and all those little fluffy feathers on either side of his neck. There are probably more than a hundred of them. And once I get more of the two blue fabrics, I will finish up his neck. Then I have a huge amount of stitching to do!