Saturday, December 26, 2009

My new thread organizer

Look what I got for Christmas! It’s an oak thread organizer by Rom Woodworking. I saw these at Fall Quilt Market in Houston and knew without a shadow of a doubt that one would go on my Christmas list.

They make several different versions, including full cylinders that rotate on a lazy susan and sit on a table, and in different styles for those who use thread cones and those who use smaller embroidery thread spools.

Mine is the “Wall Mounted Half Barrel” and is 29" tall x 22" wide. It holds 72 large cones of thread and 64 small spools or bobbins. It came with big pegs (for the cones) and small spindles (for the spools) but I drilled smaller holes in the spots for the big pegs, because I don’t buy thread in cones (yet!). Then I purchased some dowel rods at a craft store, cut them to length and sanded the ends, and used them instead of the big pegs. I didn’t glue them in place, so I can swap them out for the big pegs when I buy cones of thread.

Rom Woodworking also makes ruler organizers. The company is based in Harveys Lake, Pa.

The quality is exceptional, and you can get them in both clear finish and a golden oak stain. They are also not as heavy as you might expect, so it was very easy for me to mount mine on the wall.

I would need a second one to hold all my embroidery-weight threads and my hand quilting threads, but this one holds all of my spools for machine quilting, with some room to spare, and looks great doing it.

I am loving this thing! My husband calls it “the Thread Deathstar.” :-)