Monday, January 23, 2017

Tyvek Explorations: An online class coming this spring

I’ve been working on my very first online class, “Tyvek Explorations,” which I plan to launch this spring. I’m hosting it on the Ruzuku platform, which I’ve taken classes on before, and find very flexible and intuitive to use. It allows you to post photos of your work, and get feedback, suggestions and support from me and your fellow students. I’ll provide weekly lessons in the format of videos, photos, and detailed information in PDF format that you can print out and save, so you can go back and do the lessons even after the online portion of the class has closed. 

The class will include six lessons covering:
  • basic information about different kinds of Tyvek
  • safety precautions for melting Tyvek
  • melting with an iron and heat gun
  • creating beads
  • making pins and embellishments
  • stitching through Tyvek before and after melting
  • manipulating Tyvek before melting to achieve special effects
  • creating a “November Leaves” art quilt
  • creating a “Cairn” art quilt
  • making Tyvek bracelets
I’m still working out a lot of the details (including pricing), but if you’d like to get more information about the class, please pop me an e-mail at, and I’ll let you know when I open registration.

Here are photos of some of the things we will be doing in class:

“Cairn” quilt
“Cairn” quilt (detail)
Tyvek beads
Tyvek beads
Tyvek beads
Necklace with glass and Tyvek beads
Stitched and melted Tyvek
Tyvek embellishments and pins
“November Leaves”
“Celtic Crown” (detail)
“Celtic Crown”

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Photos from QATV Series 1900

With the release of the DVD and digital download of “Quilting Arts TV Series 1900,” I realized I’d forgotten to share some of the photos I took of the shoot in September! Here are photos of our guest artists: Leni Levenson Wiener, Ana Buzzalino, Susan Lenz, Mary Lou Donahue-Weidman, Heidi Lund, Ann Loveless, Kristine Lundblad, Teresa Shippy, and Ellen Lindner. Other guests in Series 1900 (shot previously) include Joann Sharpe,  Melissa Averinos, Wendy Butler Berns, Jane Davila, and Grace Errea. 

The show airs on more than 400 public television stations in the U.S.; if your station doesn’t carry it, you can purchase the DVD or download on Quilting Daily.

The set, ready to roll.

My shirts and jewelry hanging in the dressing room.
How we keep track of what I'm wearing for each episode.

The fabulous Jeanne Cook Delpit, our Bernina representative on set.
Kristine Lundblad gets ready for her segment.
Producer Kathie Stull and Quilting Arts editor Vivika DeNegre look at Leni Weiner’s work.
Leni Weiner
A piece by Leni Weiner
Work by Leni Weiner
Me, with Susan Lenz
Susan Lenz’s acorn cap basket
Lovely embellished edging by Susan Lenz
One of Susan Lenz’s pieces made from vintage linens.
A Bernina machine set up for one of Susan Lenz’s segments
Work by Susan Lenz
Work by Susan Lenz
Susan Lenz prepares for one of her segments with Kathie Stull and Vivika DeNegre.
Work by Susan Lenz
Work by Mary Lou Weidman
Me, with Mary Lou Weidman
One of Mary Lou Weidman’s faces in progress.
Work by Mary Lou Weidman
Work by Mary Lou Weidman
Work by Mary Lou Weidman
Work by Mary Lou Weidman
Teresa Shippy with Jeanne Cook-Delpit
One of Teresa Shippy’s "Cool Rides” pieces
Teresa Shippy with Karen, in makeup
Me, with one of the wonderful Bernina machines!
tin tile used by Teresa Shippy

Rubbing by Teresa Shippy

Ana Buzzalino prepares for her segment

Work by Ana Buzzalino
Work by Ana Buzzalino

Work by Ana Buzzalino

Different metallic effects by Ana Buzzalino

Work by Ana Buzzalino

Work by Ana Buzzalino
Me, with Ana Buzzalino
Ann Loveless with her work.
The crew hanging work by Ann Loveless
Work by Ann Loveless
Me, with Ann Loveless
Ann Loveless’ step-outs
Ellen Lindner
Work by Ellen Lindner
Work by Ellen Lindner
Me, with Ellen Lindner
Work by Heidi Lund
Work by Heidi Lund
Work by Heidi Lund
Heidi Lund confers with Jeanne Cook Delpit
Detail of work by Heidi Lund
Work by Heidi Lund
Work by Heidi Lund
Goofing around with Heidi Lund