Sunday, October 23, 2011

I’m joining the artist hosts of The Sketchbook Challenge!

I am so happy to announce that I am joining a group of artists I much admire: the women of The Sketchbook Challenge! I will be one of the host artists for 2012. 

In January of 2011, Sue Bleiweiss and a group of other artists came together and started The Sketchbook Challenge as a way to encourage others to start working in a sketchbook, or revitalize their sketching, with the belief that keeping sketchbooks is extremely valuable to artists. 

Some of us are fiber artists, and some of us are mixed media artists; we all love to write about what we do! 

Each month on The Sketchbook Challenge blog, we will announce a new theme and then post images from our sketchbooks related to that theme throughout the month. The idea is that by providing a look inside our sketchbooks, you’ll be inspired to keep a sketchbook of your own. You can work in any medium you want, and create as many pages as you wish.

The other component of this project is that participants are encouraged to post photos or scans of their sketchbook pages, and share them in a flickr group. If you do, you put your name in the running for some fabulous prizes by the group’s sponsors.

If you have not participated in 2011, I hope you’ll decide to turn over a new leaf in 2012 and join me on this journey! Participating host artists for 2012 are:  

Jill Berry :  blog    /  sketchbook profile
Sue Bleiweiss :  blog  /    sketchbook profile
Pam Carriker  :  blog   /   sketchbook profile
Jane Davies  :  blog    /  sketchbook profile
Jamie Fingal blog    /  sketchbook profile
Leslie Tucker Jenison  :  blog   /   sketchbook profile
Lyric Kinard
blog   /   sketchbook profile
Susan Brubaker Knapp blog   /   sketchbook profile
Jane LaFazio blog    /  sketchbook profile
Kelli Nina Perkins :  blog  /    sketchbook profile
Carol Sloan :  blog   /   sketchbook profile
Susan Sorrell :  blog  /    sketchbook profile
Diana Trout :  blog    /  sketchbook profile
Laura Cater Woods :  blog   /   sketchbook profile