Thursday, November 4, 2010

2010 International Quilt Festival, Part 1

“Ruffled Feathers” by Roxanne Nelson
Viewing the quilts at International Quilt Festival is always a terribly humbling experience. The range of styles, techniques and materials is incredible. The quality of the work is astounding. It truly is an honor just to be accepted into this show. I took these photos of some of my favorites while attending International Quilt Market, since all of the displays are up. It is a great chance to take photos when not very many people are huddled around them, like they are during Festival. (Most of the people who go to Market are either manning their booths, or working their way through and purchasing goods for their shops, and don’t have time to look at all the quilts; such a pity!) While those in this post are all art quilts, I did take photos of pieced traditional quilts and appliqué quilts, too, and will be sharing more photos with you in the next few days.
“Ruffled Feathers” (detail) by Roxanne Nelson
“Ruffled Feathers” (detail) by Roxanne Nelson
“Peony” by Noriko Endo

“Peony” (detail) by Noriko Endo

Read about Noriko Endo’s new book here:
“Group of Pansies” by Melinda Bula
 “Group of Pansies” (detail) by Melinda Bula

See more of Melinda’s work here:
“The Girls of Tyrone Farm” by Beth Miller
See more of Beth Miller’s work here:
“Portugal (Minho region) Fokloric Dancers” by Leslie Gabrielse of The Netherlands

“Portugal (Minho region) Fokloric Dancers” (detail) by Leslie Gabrielse of The Netherlands

See more of Leslie’s work on his website:

“The Geisha and the Serving Girl” by Claudia Clark Myers & Marilyn Badger
Won first place in the Art-Painted Surface category

See more work by Claudia Clark Myers at
Learn more about Marilyn Badger here:
“That’s Graphic!” by Diana Sharkey
Won an Honorable Mention in the Art-Abstract, Small category
“Madonna” by Laurie Tigner
Won an honorable mention in the Art-Painted Surface category
Learn more about Laurie Tigner here:
“Innocence” by Hollis Chatelain
“Innocence” (detail) by Hollis Chatelain
See more of Hollis’ work here:
“Square Dance” by Jamie Fingal
Jamie’s website is:
“Stone II” by Jean Wells Keenan
Won second place in the Art-Abstract, Small category
See more of Jean’s work here:
“Freedom” by Helen Godden
“Freedom” by Helen Godden
See more of Helen’s work here:
”EIEIO” by Nancy Brown
Won an honorable mention in the Art-Pictoral category
Nancy’s website is:
“Port of Cassis” by Lenore Crawford
Won second place in the Art-Pictoral category
Lenore’s website is:
“My Rhino” by Pam Holland
Pam’s website is
“Rare Catch” by Diane Steffen

See more of Diane’s work at
Note: At International Quilt Festival, the photo policy allows viewers to take photos and to share them with friends (which I consider all my viewers to be!) as long as they are identified with the name of the quilt artist and noted to have been taken at Festival. To protect the artists, I also reduce the resolution so that these images are only usable on the internet, and could not be printed on products like t-shirts or coffee mugs. Many of the exhibits at Festival do not permit photography, and I never take photos where it is not permitted.