Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Sketchbook Challenge: Sketch #2

My second sketch for The Sketchbook Challenge’s January theme – highly prized — is my eye. It represents how much I value my vision. Whatever would I do if I could not see my children’s beautiful faces, or the colors of leaves changing in the fall, or the first amazing greens of spring? 

Regretfully, my eyes are not really this green. They are more of a muddy green with brownish hazel at the center.

It is interesting the things I notice about my drawings once I photograph or scan them and look again. In this case, I drew the eyebrow way too small and out of proportion. Perhaps it was because I drew the eye at the top of the page, and didn’t have enough space at the top for the brow. 

The thing about photography is also true in the case of both my art quilts and my traditional quilts. It is very valuable to photograph them at different stages, and to examine the photos, because I learn a lot about whether I am using values and colors properly, about whether a piece is in balance, or out of sync. If something bothers me about the photo, it tells me what I need to fix in the piece.