Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quilters by the Sea Guild in Wilmington

Spring was just arriving in beautiful Wilmington, NC, when I visited there on Monday and Tuesday to speak and do a workshop for the friendly Quilters by the Sea Guild.

I arrived in historic Wilmington a few hours before my presentation, so I strolled through a residential part of the older part of the city, which boasts spectacular turn-of-the-century (and older) houses.

Love those Christmas snowflake lights and the charming red door.

A beautiful door and transom. Check out the little metal Daschund to the left of the door ... perhaps a boot scraper?

Here’s part of the talented group that took my “Surface Design Madness” workshop on Tuesday. What a nice bunch.

We stamped and stenciled on fabric with Lumiere fabric paint.

We made beads from Tyvek and wrapped them in wire and beads.

We melted Tyvek to make embellishments.

This student really went to town with her Lumiere! Isn’t this gorgeous?

One student made this by stamping Lumiere with a regular kitchen sponge. Great texture!

More fun with Lumiere.

This is Lumiere sponged through sequin waste.

We also stamped and embossed Angelina.

It is always so interesting to me that each student finds something different that “floats her boat.” I try to offer many different techniques and materials in this class. We cover a lot of ground in six hours.

Many thanks to Mary Ann, and all the Quilters by the Sea!