Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It’s here!

I just received my advance copies of the 2009 Quilting Arts Calendar, which includes my piece, "Home Planet." Woo-hoo! It is beautifully designed, the photos are lovely, and the work exquisite. It was so fun to read the other artists' comments and insights into this year's theme, "Celebrating Home."

I'll post a photo of my piece, which graces April, as soon as I get the go-ahead... part of the deal was that you couldn't publish the piece beforehand... in print or on a blog or website. I chose as my subject matter the planet Earth, which is home to us all. They chose my piece for April because Earth Day falls in that month!

You can purchase a copy of the calendar from Quilting Arts' website, where you can also get a sneak peak at all the art featured in the calendar.