Monday, February 19, 2018

Chroma Series

Here are two new pieces in my Chroma Series: “Paved With Good Intentions” (above) and “Path to Destruction” (below). 

Both pieces feature melted Tyvek pieces, and are part of an online “Tyvek Explorations” class that I am currently revising. I hope to offer the revised class within a few months. I taught it last year, and decided to change some things so that I can make it shorter and cheaper. I’ll be teaching the basics about ways to melt and manipulate Tyvek, and students will make beads, broches, and a cuff. I’ll offer some art quilts that feature Tyvek as projects in separate classes. 

I spent some time with my friend Lyric Kinard last week to learn how to take better video for my classes. (If you haven’t checked out her great online classes, please take a look here!)