Friday, April 4, 2014

I have two Aurifil thread collections!

Aurifil thread has been my favorite thread for a long time, so I’m thrilled to announce that I now have two thread collections with them! In conjunction with Quilting Arts magazine, I have chosen my favorite colors for thread sketching. This collection will be exclusive to Quilting Arts/Interweave, so you can purchase them at, or from me.

Aurifil makes a lot of different kinds of thread – cotton, wool, polyester and invisible. My absolute favorite is their 50-weight Cotton Mako. It is long-staple Egyptian Cotton that is strong, smooth and shiny. It leaves very little lint in my machine, even after hours of heavy thread work. It is perfect for thread sketching, quilting, and hand applique, and it comes in hundreds of exquisite solid colors, as well as varigated. 

In my “Thread Sketching Essentials Collection” (retail price: $130, shown above), you get 12 large spools in an Aurifil plastic suitcase. (These little cases are great for transporting the Aurifil threads you need to take to a class or retreat.) Each big spool of 50-weight 100% cotton Aurifil has 1422 yards of thread; it goes a long way!

I chose the 12 colors I love best, and use most often in my work. I always use this thread for thread sketching, but I also use it when I machine quilt, machine piece, and hand applique.
You can pre-order this collection now through the Quilting Daily Shop.

Thread Sketching Essentials Collection
12 large spools (all 50-weight Cotton Mako):
2692 - Black
2625 - Arctic ice
2024 - White
6010 - Toast
4012 - Copper brown
2430 - Antique rose
2270 - Paprika
2240 - Rusty orange
2135 - Yellow
1114 - Grass green
1320 - Medium Teal
2582 - Dark violet

For my Thread Sketching Beyond the Basics Collection” (retail price: $46), I chose 10 more colors I use often. Each small spool of 50-weight 100% cotton Aurifil has 220 yards of thread, and usually retails for about $4.50. You can pre-order this collection now through the Quilting Daily Shop.

Thread Sketching Beyond the Basics Collection
10 small spools (all 50-weight Cotton Mako):
2600 - Dove
2315 - Pale flesh
2260 - Wine
2120 - Canary
2145 - Yellow orange
1231 - Spring green
5023 - Medium green
2805 - Lt Turquoise
2570 - Aubergine
4020 - Fuchsia

I am ordering my thread collections next week, and hope to have them here in the next few weeks. They will be available on my website; I’ll post the link here once I have it all set up.