Monday, January 25, 2010

Last orchid piece done!


With about a week and a half until we hang the Fiber Arts Options exhibition at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, I have finished quilting my last orchid piece. I’m calling it Freckles. I still have to face it and stitch on the label, but it is done!

Here is a detail shot:

And I am loving the new #15 foot for my Bernina. I have been using the clear plastic free-motion foot (#29), and really liked it. After about six years of heavy use, and I broke through my original plastic foot and had to get a new one. But several of my quilting friends urged me to try a metal foot, so decided to give one a try. This one has a bigger loop than the regular darning foot, so I can see where I’m going better, and I think it will hold up better under the heavy-duty quilting I do!

Here’s a recap of my pieces for the show (from top left: Purple Phalaenopsis, Freckles, Pink Phalaenopsis, and Ruffles). Which one do you like best, and why?