Friday, July 11, 2008

Paper cuts

This is the third week of my online class, and one of the exercises is paper cutting. I had a lot of fun cutting into colored paper to create designs with strong positive and negative space. One of the other exercises this week involves first folding and then cutting the paper, similar to making paper snowflakes, which I do every December (and detailed in a post last Christmastime). I hope to get to it over the weekend.

Our instructor, Sharon Boggon, also introduced us to someone you absolutely have to check out: Cynthia Ferguson, who does the most gorgeous scherenschnitte, the German form of intricate papercutting. I wandered onto her etsy site and ordered up one of the prints of her work this morning. Amazing stuff!

Here are some more paper cuts I glued into my studio journal:

I also created the "Rubin Face Vase" using profile silhouettes I made of myself and my children. The Rubin Face Vase is a famous image where you see both a vase (the white space in the middle) and the two faces that frame it in black. These are referred to as the "figure" and the "ground."

I'm going to take some of these designs and play with "repeats" (spacing repeating motifs out over the space to create an overall pattern) next. I also think it might be fun to cut these kinds of images from freezer paper, iron it to fabric, and then paint fabric paint on top, with the freezer paper acting as a resist. Some might make great stamps or potato prints.