Monday, December 1, 2008

Twelve by Twelve

The art quilt group Twelve by Twelve has just started revealing the pieces they have created for their latest challenge, which has the theme of mathematics. You can see their work on their blog,

While working on this challenge, the artists ventured into string theory, binary code, tally marks, the history of the abacus, Pythagoras' table, fractals, Fourier Series, phasor vectors, geometry, the Golden Ratio, Fibonacci numbers, Escher, numeral systems, and even "transidental mathamatics and the non-Newtonian nature of ketchup" (Nikki Wheeler)

They also have a website,, which shows some of their past challenges on the themes of dandelion, chocolate, community, water, illumination and shelter. You can read profiles of the artists here, too.

Every few months, this group chooses a theme (they take turns picking) and then everyone sets to work. The quality of their art, and the range of styles and interpretations of their themes are amazing. Make sure you check them out!