Sunday, February 24, 2013

Teaching in Venice and Jacksonville, Florida

Oooops! I’ve been so busy traveling that I didn’t have time to post my photos from my trips to teach and speak in Venice and Jacksonville, Florida, in January and February. Here are some shots of Venice:

and of Jacksonville, and my students there:

Photo shoot in Lenoir, NC

My daughter played soccer today in Lenoir, NC, a town that has seen better days. Many of its long-time employers, big-name American furniture manufacturers, have moved out, sent their production abroad, or downsized. But it has some amazing architecture, and some really cool old buildings just screaming for restoration and a new purpose. How I wish I had millions of dollars to save some of them.

While her team warmed up, I wandered around the old Lenoir High School, and took photos. It is great to go to a new place, and not a particularly beautiful place, and shoot, shoot, shoot. Look for elements like texture, pattern, line, color, form, reflection and movement. Sometimes you can get the most amazing photos at relatively mundane locations. This is one of the exercises I describe in my book, Point, Click, Quilt! Turn Your Photos into Fabulous Fabric Art. Here are some of the photos I took today.

Why do I take photos? Most of my fiber art is based on photos, and I always use original photos (otherwise I’d have copyright issues). Plus, photography is a great way to boost your creativity, and to get ideas that inspire you. And it is fun. Give it a try!