Sunday, May 5, 2013

“Rituals” Exhibition at Open European Quilt Championship

My friend Lya took these photographs of the Dinner at Eight Artists’ “Rituals” exhibition displayed at the Open European Quilt Championship this weekend, May 3-5, in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. (Lya was my wonderful hostess, and arranged my teaching tour in the Netherlands last spring.)

The Open European Quilt Championship featured exhibitions from traditional and art quilters from Belgium, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, Italy, France, Switzerland and the United States.  

This is my piece in the exhibition, “I See the Moon.” You can read more about it on my website here

All photos courtesy of Lya Geven. Thank you!

Lya also sent me this link to a short video of some of the pomp and pagentry of the coronation of King Willem Alexander and his queen, Maxima. Willem’s mother, Queen Beatrix, abdicated the throne last week so that her son could take over. The Netherlands has a constitutional monarchy, which means that the country’s constitution defines the powers and limitations of the monarchs. Beautiful garments, flowers, buildings and music; enjoy!