Thursday, May 29, 2008

Out of the pool!

Okay, this is a quiz! What do artists into surface design see when they spot pool noodle floaties in the grocery store?


This is something Rayna Gillman showed me in the class I took with her at Quilt Market two weeks ago.

Pool noodles slice like butter under a sharp serrated knife. You can then carve into them to make your own designs. I found this cool flower shaped one (the size of a normal noodle) and really wide, chunky short one at my local grocery store today. After you cut your designs, you dip them into fabric paint (or a discharging agent) and stamp them onto fabric. What a fun thing this would be to do with kids. Or grown ups who act like kids.

Once I have some time to play and actually stamp, I'll post photos of the results.

Pssst... this is the season to buy your pool noodles! Wait much longer and you won’t be able to find one anywhere. Trust me on this.