Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It’s back to the fish

Yellow-Eye Rockfish (sketch by SBK)

It’s back to the fish for me! (For those of you just popping in, I’ve been working on a new piece that will be covered with fish.) On my long flights to and from Australia this month, I had lots of time to sketch more fish. Here they are. I’m hoping to do some painting in the next few days, and will post when I do. I also have several more posts on my Australia trip coming up.

Danube Sturgeon (sketch by SBK)

Giant Guitarfish (sketch by SBK)

Greasy Grouper (sketch by SBK)

Piper Gurnard (sketch by SBK)

Sydney Skate (sketch by SBK)

Thresher Shark (sketch by SBK)

I will leave you with a few good fish quotes: