Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Quilting Arts TV Series 2100

Series 2100 of Quilting Arts TV will air on about 400 Public Television stations in the U.S. very soon! And you can purchase the DVDs or digital downloads ($39.99) of the entire series here

Guests include Cindy Grisdela, Maggie Vanderweit, Heidi Proffetty, M.J. Kinman, Joyce Becker, Libby Williamson, Cindy Lohbeck, Luana Rubin, Vivika DeNegre, Pepper Cory, Enid Weichselbaum, Lisa Walton, Laurie Russman, Sherry Kleinman, Timna Tarr, Martha Wolfe, Malka Dubrawsky, and Jenny Lyon.

Here are shots of our fabulous guests from the September shoot: 

Maggie Vanderweit

Heidi Proffety

Cindy Lohbeck

Luana Rubin

Libby Williamson

M.J. Kinman

Cindy Grisdela

Joyce Becker