Saturday, July 13, 2013

Thread Sketching 101 articles now available as eBook

Interweave is now offering my six articles from the 2010 issues of Quilting Arts on thread sketching as an eBook called Thread Sketching 101 with Susan Brubaker Knapp

You can download it on the Interweave website for $9.95.

The eBook includes tips, articles and exercises to help you learn how to add color, line, texture, dimension, pattern, and movement to the surface of your art quilts.

If you already have my DVD on thread sketching, and want to learn more, you will find this eBook to be a good addition. Some of the content is the same as in my DVD, but the articles go much more into depth about my thought process and techniques. I find that some people are very visual learners, and like to learn by watching (either DVDs, or by taking a class, where I demonstrate). Others learn more, understand more, by reading. If you are one of those people, the eBook will be great for you.

For each of the six articles I wrote for Quilting Arts in 2010, I focused on a different aspect of thread sketching (adding line, for example) and then did two new pieces to demonstrate. In the articles included in the e-book, I wrote about how I made each piece, and how I approached the technical aspects and challenges of each one.