Thursday, February 26, 2009

This I like! Crop-a-Dile

I’ve been searching for something to punch holes through heavy plastic for a project I’m working on, and after trying a Japanese screw punch (which was a great hand tool for cutting through multiple layers of paper, but not heavy plastic) and considering the purchase of a drill press, I found it … The Crop-A-Dile! It is made by We R Memory Keepers, and it punches through plastic with ease.

The Crop-A-Dile claims to be able to punch through paper, fabric, leather, plastic, chipboard, wood, acrylic, poly and more. From what I’ve tested so far, I don’t doubt it. It’s a bit expensive (I got mine for about $35) but it is very solidly built, and it does what it says.

See the two wing-like things near the handles? That’s where you can punch two hole sizes – 1/8" and 3/16". You can set the depth of the holes using the depth gauges on either side.

It also sets eyelets and snaps using the part at the end. There are two cubes on each side, and you rotate them to get the right combination. On one cube, you can set 3/16" standard and oversized eyelets, 1/8" round standard snaps, and 1/8" standard and oversized eyelets. There’s also a flat setter “for all other oversize, miscellaneous and square-shaped metal embellishments and snaps.”

On the other cube, you do the flares for eyelets and snaps. There’s even a cone-shaped flare for odd shapes. The cushioned handles make punching and setting very easy on the hands.

It’s a keeper!