Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fish, again

Okay, I’m back at work on “We All Swim Together,” after more than a year’s hiatus. It now has 11 species painted. (I've sketched 33.) The section above is about 57" wide. The photo is a bit fuzzy because I took it under not-so-great lighting conditions with it spread out on our king-size bed today.

Part of the reason it’s taking me so long is that this is a big piece (it may end up being 100" square!) and I don’t have enough space in my 14' x 14' home studio to keep it out all the time. I’m painting on my cutting table, so when other projects or class preparation are taking place, it can’t stay out. 

If you are curious about this piece, please read my previous posts.

Here’s my progress in the last few days: I got three new fish painted! They are the Spotted Weever:

The Giant Guitarfish:

and the Atlantic Salmon (freshwater form):

My cat Wicked loves it!