Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sarah Ann Smith and Rayna Gillman teaching in Charlotte this spring

The Charlotte Quilters’ Guild has two wonderful instructors coming in April and May, and there are still spots available! They’ve now opened the classes to the general public, so even if you are not a member of the guild, you can still take the classes. 

Sarah Ann Smith is teaching a two-day workshop called “Photo to Flower Collage” April 9-10, and a one-day workshop called “Thread Coloring the Flower” on April 11.  Sarah and I have taught together at several big quilt shows, and she’s been a guest on Quilting Arts TV. She really knows her stuff, and is an excellent and thorough teacher. Sarah is the author of Threadwork Unraveled, a fabulous resource on everything you need to know about thread.


Rayna Gillman is teaching a two-day workshop called “Cinderella Quilts: Reinventing the UFO” May 7-8. Check out how students transformed old blocks and projects into beautiful new pieces here On May 9, Rayna is teaching “Fearless Color,” a class she says will “free you forever from the same old color combinations.”
Rayna is the author of Create your Own Hand-Printed Cloth, and Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts.

Final Cover  Free Form Quilts
I’ve taken a class from Rayna, and I can tell you two things about workshops: you will learn a lot, and you will have a blast!

You can register online for these classes on the Charlotte Quilters’ Guild website