Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Intergalactic Pinball

I realized today that I never posted about this piece that I made in August 2020. I made it to showcase these balls made from silk sari ribbon, threads and perle cotton. (I demonstrated how to make these in Series 2600 of “Quilting Arts TV,” and in an article for Quilting Arts  magazine. 

I have not made very much three-dimensional work, but these little balls called out for something different. I hand-painted the lime green fabric, which is a jacquard napkin given to me by a neighbor; it belonged to her Belgian grandmother! The hot pink/purple piece is fabric that I hand dyed years ago. I used a sturdy interfacing in it so that it would be able to be shaped and have enough body to hold its curves. 

It needed some additional bling, so I added beads, hand stitching, and embellishments I punched out of old Target gift cards.