Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rusted I

Here’s what I made out of my bottle-cap rusted fabric. I’m calling it Rusted I. While brown is not a color I usually work with, I'm liking these orangy-brown rust stains. I think I'll probably be making more pieces from rusted fabric in the future. This may get some additional embellishement, maybe buttons or embroidery...

I used a new kind of batting, EcoCraft by Mountain Mist, in this quilt, and I liked it very much. (I requested a small batt when I was at Quilt Market in Portland in May.) It contains Ingeo™ fiber, which is made from corn! Here's what Mountian Mist's website says about Ingeo™: "It is also known as PLA, a polymer is made from lactic acid, which is a natural product. Lactic acid is made from fermentable sugars, sugars that are found in plants and more specifically corn. This process is both revolutionary to the textile and fiber industry and patented by our partner, Nature Works LLC."

The one problem I had is that I usually iron my batting to get it smooth before I layer my quilt, batting and backing. When I touched the iron to it, it stuck slightly, and left a residue on my iron. So I just steamed it heavily with my iron and patted it flat instead.

I probably won't be washing this piece, so I can't give you my opinion on washability. Perhaps I'll use it again in a small project, and test that out sometime later. The company recommends washing in cold water and laying flat to dry.