Monday, July 17, 2017

Quilting Arts TV Series 2000 is out!

Series 2000 of Quilting Arts TV is out! Guests include Leni Weiner, Sarah Ann Smith, Laurie Russman, Cathie Hoover, Lisa Walton, Martha Wolfe, Enid Gjelten Weichselbaum, Pepper Cory, Timna Tarr, Ann Loveless, Sherry Kleinman, Teresa Shippy, Malka Dubrawsky, and Jenny Lyon. 
Quilting Arts TV is shown on about 400 U.S. Public Television stations. If your local station doesn’t carry it, you can purchase DVDs or a video download of the entire series for $39.99 on the Quilting Daily website

Here’s a look at the series:
2001 – Celebrate the Artist Within
Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Quilting Arts. Host Susan Brubaker Knapp presents a retrospective featuring the artists, past and present, who express and advance the quilting arts. Collage artist Leni Wiener creates quilted portraits with applique. Sarah Ann Smith and Susan Brubaker Knapp share their paths to becoming professional quilt artists.

2002 – Feline Fever 
Find inspiration close to home in cat companions. Fiber artist Laurie Russman celebrates her furry friends through intricate pet portraits. Quilt designer Cathie Hoover uses double-reverse applique to create a small quilt inspired by an ancient cave drawing. 

2003 – Celebrating Sheers
Sheer fabrics open up new design opportunities. Textile artist Lisa Walton paints, cuts and folds sheer organza to make origami designs. Printmaker Martha Wolfe celebrates the time-honored Korean art of pojagi with printed and painted organza she sews with flat-felled seams. 

2004 – Culture in Cloth
Transferring art images from one medium to another expresses old cultures in new ways. Art quilter Enid Gjelten Weichselbaum translates ancient Norse sagas into story quilts. Quiltmaker Pepper Cory celebrates Far East culture with patchwork and sashiko to create wrapping cloths called furoshiki. 

2005 – A Sense of Place
Celebrate perspective and places. Art historian and quilter Timna Tarr takes a bird’s eye view and uses today’s technology to illustrate the world in quilts. Textile artist Ann Loveless celebrates the seashore by combining fabrics, fibers and free motion techniques into a small art quilt. 

2006 – Tech Tricks
Combine traditional art forms, creative energy and today’s technology for more creative opportunities. Art quilter Sherry Kleinman uses photos and apps on her electronic tablet to create new quilting fabric. Quilter Laurie Russman uses a variety of apps to transform her favorite photos into colorful fiber art with pens, ink and free-motion stitching. 

2007 – Pieces and Parts
Deconstruct the image, then reconstruct it into new art. Textile artist Malka Dubrawsky combines scraps in a new way as she considers shapes and colors in her quilts. Art quilter Sarah Ann Smith shares her techniques for achieving crisp corners, hanging sleeves and a professional finish for her art. 

2008 – Handmade Gifts
Gifts made by hand celebrate love and friendship. Teacher and author Pepper Cory creates useful gifts in the Japanese tradition of zakka. Mixed media artist Teresa Shippy embellishes and sews a colorful journal cover for a favorite writer or artist. Textile artist Cathie Hoover creates a needle cushion any quilter will use and treasure. 

2009 – Print It! 
Celebrate your creativity by printing your own fabric. Printmaker Martha Wolfe paints and prints on silk with or without the power of the sun. Textile artist Lisa Walton designs her own stamps. After stamping onto fabric, she paints and quilts a wall hanging. 

2010 – Color and Value
Good design starts with simple concepts. Quiltmaker Timna Tarr uses the fundamental concepts of color and value with reverse applique to turn everyday things, like eggs, into art. Malka Dubrawsky uses solid fabrics and thoughtful design to create ombre effects on a quilt. 

2011 – Cut It Out! 
Creative use of negative space adds impact to art and quilts. Quilter and maker of wearable art, Jenny Lyon channels her garment background to create a high-fashion cutwork scarf. Fiber artist Lisa Walton makes an original art quilt using fused fabrics and free-hand cutting techniques. 

2012 – Transformations with Paint
Transform the simple surface with paint. Fiber artist Sherry Kleinman brushes vibrant hues onto simple canvas and stitches it into an artistic wall hanging. World traveler and quilter Sarah Ann Smith uses paints and thermofax screens to enhance her fused and collaged art quilts. 

2013 – Freedom to Stitch
Break loose. Celebrate artistic freedom with stitches. Artist and quilter Enid Gjelten Weichselbaum finds inspiration in architecture and floral images as she creates little works of art. Jenny Lyon starts out in free motion to create quilted bubbles, then breaks loose with lots more ways to sew circles.