Friday, July 25, 2014

Hello, hoppers! … and a giveaway

Welcome to the last day of the first Quilting Arts TV Blog Hop! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading more from the amazing guests of Series 1400, which is starting to air now on more than 400 public television stations across the country. If you want to preview the guests and the taping session this spring, please see my earlier post.

With Pokey Bolton in 2008
I was so honored to be asked to host Quilting Arts TV after Pokey Bolton decided to step down as host this winter. It is not an understatement to say that I would not be where I am today without Pokey. I told her once that I had decided long ago to never say no to her, because each time she asked me to do something – whether it was writing a series of articles on thread sketching for Quilting Arts magazine in 2010, or appearing on QATV, or doing a Quilting Arts Workshop – it turned out to be such a fabulous opportunity and experience.

Someone recently asked me if it was hard to step into Pokey’s shoes as host for QATV, and I answered, “I couldn’t possibly step into her shoes. I’m just stepping onto the path that she made.”

The quilting industry, and art quilting in particular, would not be where it is today without Pokey. She is without a doubt a visionary, one of the rare people in this world who sees possibilities and imagines the “what ifs” and then finds a way to make them happen. She broke new ground by creating a magazine dedicated to art quilting, surface design and embellishment – Quilting Arts – and then went on to grow other publications and Quilting Arts Workshop videos and art quilting books. She’s touched the lives of thousands of artists, helping them to find recognition, showcase their art, and shine. 

“The Bluest Eye” (2007)by Susan Brubaker Knapp
I first met Pokey at a Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) conference in 2007. I was sitting in a lecture about getting your work into magazines, and it was announced that she was coming in, and would be available after the lecture if anyone wanted to ask her a question. I had recently submitted one of my early art quilts, “The Bluest Eye,” to the Quilting Arts Calendar competition. It didn’t make the calendar, but was picked as a “Judge's Choice,” and went in the magazine. I was simply over the moon. 

After the lecture, I went up to her and told her how excited I was to have my work appearing in Quilting Arts, and she looked at my nametag and said, “Oh, you’re Susan Brubaker Knapp; you did that piece with the eye. I love that piece!” I can’t tell you how much it meant to me. 

After that, I started entering more of the magazine’s competitions, and then Pokey asked me to write a series of articles on thread sketching for Quilting Arts that ran in every issue of 2010. A Quilting Arts Workshop video followed, then another and another and another! The visibility and validation of these things made it possible for me to start earning money by teaching nationally, and eventually internationally.

After leaving Quilting Arts to work for several years as International Quilt Association’s “Chief Creative Officer,” Pokey has now moved on to what looks to be another grand adventure. She’s purchased some land in Napa Valley, California, and is hinting that something art quilty is in the works. I’m sure that whatever it is, it will be amazing. 

With Helen Gregory (left) and Vivika Hansen DeNegre (right)
I also want to say a big thank you to Helen Gregory (Vice President of Content, Interweave + Quilt/Sew Golden, CO at FW Media, Inc.) and Vivika Hansen DeNegre (editor of Quilting Arts magazine); I couldn’t do this without you! Not to mention all the people at KS Productions studio. 

Part of what excites me so much about being the new host of QATV is that I will be able to help some of the amazing fiber artists out there get the recognition and visibility they deserve. I hope to introduce you to some newcomers on the art quilt scene, and bring back some of your favorite veterans. 

I hope you’ll tune in and watch, and let me know what you think (constructive criticism, please!). And if you know someone (or are someone) who would be great as a guest on the show, please let me know. I can’t make any promises – and I already have a list of about 100 people I’d like to have on the show! — but I will listen and consider everyone.

If you missed any stops on the Blog Hop, here they are again. 

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