Monday, April 8, 2013

Swimming along…

The start of “We All Swim Together”
I had meant to trace some more fish onto my fabric before I started painting, but I just couldn’t stand it, and this afternoon, I gave in and started painting. I love to paint. It is so relaxing, and I just forget all my troubles and get lost in it. I’m using my favorite textile paint, ProFab Transparent and ProBrite Pearlescent paints by ProChemical & Dye

This is the Blackbelly Rosefish:

Yes, it really is this brightly colored! You can see photographs of it on Google Images. He is about 15" long on my piece.

Blackbelly Rosefish
Latin Name: Helicolenus dactylopterus
Habitat: Eastern Atlantic Ocean from Norway to South Africa, and the Mediterranean Sea; and Western Atlantic Ocean from Nova Scotia to Venezuela.
Depth: 330 to 1600 feet
16-18" and 2-3 pounds
Notes: This is a type of scorpionfish. Color is variable. Spines contain toxic venom.

I am just getting started on the Painted Comber: