Thursday, March 27, 2008

Violets and poems

One of the benefits of not using a chemical weed control product on our yard (which at this point is mostly weeds and moss!) is the lovely violets that are carpeting some of the shadier spots in the yard this spring. As a child, I used to pick bouquets like this one for my mother. So violets always make me think of her, and of these poems by Emily Dickinson, one of her favorite poets (and mine, too!)

Spring is the Period
Express from God.
Among the other seasons
Himself abide,

But during March and April
None stir abroad
Without a cordial interview
With God.

– Emily Dickinson

I held a jewel in my fingers —
And went to sleep —
The day was warm, and winds were prosy —
I said “’Twill keep” —

I woke — and chid my honest fingers —
The Gem was gone —
And now, an Amethyst remembrance
Is all I own —

— Emily Dickinson