Monday, January 23, 2017

Tyvek Explorations: An online class coming this spring

I’ve been working on my very first online class, “Tyvek Explorations,” which I plan to launch this spring. I’m hosting it on the Ruzuku platform, which I’ve taken classes on before, and find very flexible and intuitive to use. It allows you to post photos of your work, and get feedback, suggestions and support from me and your fellow students. I’ll provide weekly lessons in the format of videos, photos, and detailed information in PDF format that you can print out and save, so you can go back and do the lessons even after the online portion of the class has closed. 

The class will include six lessons covering:
  • basic information about different kinds of Tyvek
  • safety precautions for melting Tyvek
  • melting with an iron and heat gun
  • creating beads
  • making pins and embellishments
  • stitching through Tyvek before and after melting
  • manipulating Tyvek before melting to achieve special effects
  • creating a “November Leaves” art quilt
  • creating a “Cairn” art quilt
  • making Tyvek bracelets
I’m still working out a lot of the details (including pricing), but if you’d like to get more information about the class, please pop me an e-mail at, and I’ll let you know when I open registration.

Here are photos of some of the things we will be doing in class:

“Cairn” quilt
“Cairn” quilt (detail)
Tyvek beads
Tyvek beads
Tyvek beads
Necklace with glass and Tyvek beads
Stitched and melted Tyvek
Tyvek embellishments and pins
“November Leaves”
“Celtic Crown” (detail)
“Celtic Crown”