Thursday, April 13, 2017

Registration is open for "Tyvek Explorations"

You can register now for my first online class! 
“Tyvek Explorations” begins June 7. 
The course is designed to introduce you to Tyvek, a versatile crafting material. When melted, Tyvek creates interesting effects that can add wonderful texture to fiber art. Through a mixture of written step-by-step instructions (available to print out as PDFs, so that you can save them for future reference), slideshows and videos, you'll learn the basics of working with Tyvek. By participating in online discussions, you can communicate with me and your fellow students, share photos of your work and ask questions. 

The class will include six lessons - one each week over six weeks - covering:
  • information about different kinds of Tyvek
  • safety precautions for melting Tyvek
  • melting with an iron and heat gun
  • creating beads
  • making pins and embellishments
  • stitching through Tyvek before and after melting
  • manipulating Tyvek before melting to achieve special effects
  • creating a "November Leaves" art quilt
  • making Tyvek bracelets and a cuff
  • creating a "Cairn" art quilt with melted Tyvek embellishments

On May 31, 2017, the introductions section of class will open, and you'll have time to explore and get comfortable with the Ruzuku platform, and introduce yourself to the other students in the class. The first lesson opens June 7, and the last lesson opens July 12. The class will remain open for three weeks after class, so that you can finish up, get your last-minute questions answered, and print out the course content for future use. 
The price for the six-week class is $75, and you can register and pay at the Ruzuku site. 
You can download the supply list before you sign up.
Here's a look at some of the photos and activities we will be doing in class: