Thursday, August 26, 2010


This is my friend and neighbor, Dave Sopp, hanging up a sign I made for a company that he and his wife (Kelly) own called Wry Baby. (Wry Baby makes hip, funny, irreverent gifts for babies and their parents. They are guaranteed to be the hit of any baby shower you might attend.) They needed a stuffed, three-dimensional sign for their booth at the New York International Gift Fair earlier this month. Who better to ask than a quilter who happens to live down the street and can’t say no?

It needed to be lightweight and easy to transport. I made it by tracing the logo onto white fabric, then painting it in black using acrylic textile paint. I layered it with more white fabric, and stitched outside the black lettering. Then I slit the back and stuffed it. After adding a backing of heavy felt, and stitching that down, I glued the two layers of fabric outside the lettering together, and reinforced the back with wooden dowels so it would hang flat. The whole thing can come apart and be stuffed (pun intended) into a suitcase. It was an interesting logistical challenge. 
What the heck is this STUF, you ask?  It’s their cool new line of stuffed toys you can see under my sign in the photo below, or up close on the STUF website. That’s Dave with the interesting facial hair and ice-cream-man suit. 

This STUF is so cool that I really want one of each. The pirates and the birds especially. I don’t have any babies (mine are too grown up for me to have any excuse), and I still want them! If you go to the STUF website to look, make sure you move your cursor over them so you can see the backs, which are equally wonderful.

Another great product they just introduced is the Zippit! Pacifier Case:

It features the “Gromm-o-Vent” on the back to keep those moist pacifiers from getting all mildewed and groady.