Monday, August 9, 2010

Dye Day 2010

It’s our annual Pandora’s Dye Day! My local fiber arts group has been setting aside one day each summer for the past few years to get together and dye fabric in Grace’s garage. Grace dyes a lot of fabric and has a great setup. She buys a bolt of PFD (prepared for dyeing) Pimatex cotton fabric and cuts it into one-yard and half-yard pieces for us. We bring along other fabrics (I had some wonderful silk-cotton blend), yarn, embroidery floss, shirts, and other assorted items to dye.

After mixing up lots of colors, we get to work!

DeLane dyeing in small plastic containers.

Michele was dyeing some silk cocoons.

They were bigger cocoons than most I’ve seen before, and took the Procion dyes beautifully.

P.J. checks on one of her pieces.

Grace was keeping watch over all of us. She doesn’t usually look this serious!

I dyed some cheesecloth orange, and some white tank tops blue/green and pink/purple. 

These are Shibori pieces created by wrapping fabric around PVC piping, tying with string, and then scrunching pleats in the fabric before applying the dye. I always love how these come out.

Completed pieces drying in the sun. What a fun day. Thanks, Grace!