Sunday, July 18, 2021

Quilting Arts TV update

Two new Series of QATV – 2700 and 2800 – are out; hooray! And boo! because the last shoot for Quilting Arts TV was in September 2020, and I did not attend because of COVID-19. I have several health conditions that put me at higher risk for complications if I get the Coronavirus, and my daughter caught it the month before the shoot. (She is okay.) Vivika Hansen DeNegre took over as host, and did a great job. I’m listed as co-host for 2700, because we taped some of the segments in the spring of 2020 while shooting Series 2600. 

Both Series are available on as digital downloads. 

I hope/plan to be back as host when filming resumes. 


Copyright Susan Brubaker Knapp 2021. 
Approximately  24x17"

Another botanical piece based on one of my photos. This shows sourwood tree leaves in the fall, when they turn brilliant red. We have several in our yard, and they are show stoppers. White cotton fabric, acrylic textile paint, ink, cotton backing fabric, cotton batting, cotton thread. Wholecloth painted, free-motion machine quilted.

I finished quilting it last night, so it only has to be faced now. I quilted around all the leaves and fruit with black thread, which is somewhat different for me, but I think it gives the piece a lot of crispness, and a somewhat graphic look. The background is quilted in a single color: chartreuse.