Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Sketchbook Challenge: Sketches #7, 8, 9

I did the pencil sketches in this post for The Sketchbook Challenge during my trip to Maryland last week. I took along a little Moleskine sketchbook, and drew this one (of my Dansko clog, above) at the gate in the airport, without taking my foot out of the shoe. I highly prize comfortable shoes, especially after my 18-month bout of plantar fasciitis, a very painful foot condition, several years ago. (If you are wondering about the scribbles all over the shoes, these clogs have French writing all over them.)
 This is a sketch of my host Coralyn’s lovely antique dresser, which was in the room where I stayed at her house. 
When I joined the Sketchbook Challenge, I vowed to take on faces and bodies, my greatest fears. This is a drawing of a young woman seated across from me at the airport waiting area. The proportions of her body to her face are not quite right, but it is not too bad, considering that I never draw people. Maybe I can do this after all! 

I am considering getting a book on drawing faces and figures, and working my way through it. Any suggestions on books you like?

New Zealand, here I come!

I got a fabulous invitation last week! I’ve been asked to teach at Taupo Symposium 2013 Fabric Art Festival in Taupo, New Zealand. This symposium in New Zealand is held every two years, and typically draws 1,500 participants to its quilt show, special exhibitions, and a broad range of classes.

The 2011 event is called Remarkable Symposium 2011, and it is being held in Queenstown, NZ, April 18-23.  If you click on the “Timetable, Classes and Tutors,” you can see all the instructors and classes they are offering this year. 

Taupo (population 21,000)  is known for its beautiful lake, trout fishing, skiing, geothermal phenomena, waterfalls, and rock carvings at Mine Bay. I can’t wait!