Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Salley Mavor

I have been working on a bunch of art quilts for my series of articles for Quilting Arts magazine and another big upcoming project, and they are all top secret for now, and it is driving me crazy not to be able to share them. BUT... I was reading the C&T Publishing blog today and found out some exciting news I could share with you: Salley Mavor, whose work I absolutely adore, is working on a new book called Pocketful of Posies that will be out this fall!

Salley is the author of the book Felt Wee Folk, which has directions for making the most adorable little dolls out of felt, pipe cleaners, silk flowers and acorn caps. I made my little fairy (above) about five or six years ago, following the directions in Salley’s book.

Felt Wee Folk was released by C&T Publishing in 2003. Salley has also created illustrations for many spectacular books for children. If you want to be really inspired, don’t miss Salley’s blog and her website.

C&T’s blog has photos of an amazing self portrait she made that has a little Salley doll for every year of her life, each wearing an outfit she would have worn that year, starting with her as a baby. The fashions are fun, and I love how she included her husband (next to her in her bridal gown) and her children (in her arms or pulling on her shirt’s hem).