Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pumpkins for Piano, Part 1

I am starting work on a new piece based on this photo, and I’m very excited about it. I’m creating it for a wonderful couple who collect art, whom I met through my friend and fellow fiber artist Nancy G. Cook. They had a nice piano that they had not been able to sell, and I was looking for a better instrument for my daughter to play. I could not afford to pay them what the piano was worth, so they proposed a trade: the piano for a piece of my work. 

After I showed them my portfolio and talked with them about how I work, we decided that I should take a lot of photos of pumpkins and gourds last fall, and do a piece based on the photo they selected. I am thrilled that they chose this one. There is so much wonderful color and texture in this shot, and of course, it is pumpkins, one of my favorite subjects … perhaps because of my Halloween birthday! 

We are trying to decide whether it should be a horizontal or vertical piece. Here is the photo horizontally. What do you think?

This is Autumn’s Bounty, a piece based on a photo of mini-pumpkins I did that was featured in the 2010 Quilting Arts Calendar:

And believe it or not, I have two other pieces in which pumpkins are the subject, but I can’t show them to you just yet. I will post about my work on the new piece as it progresses. My daughter loves the new piano, and is playing beautifully.